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To find the origins of FRAP we have to go back a long time, to 1932, to the beginnings of motorisation in Italy.

Aldo Piatti started the design and production of pins and ball joints in Piossasco, a few steps from the current headquarters of FRAP. During the war, part of the production of O.M. Sant'Ambrogio transferred here to escape the bombs, and this gave rise to a great friendship between the head of the O.M. Sant'Ambrogio, Mr. Manzone, and Aldo Piatti.

In 1947 they entered into partnership together, also bringing Mr. Patrucco along with them and creating the company P.M.P. (Piatti, Manzone, Patrucco). The company gradually expanded and began business relationships with the company Ghibaudi Mario of Turin, which in 1950 joined the company. It was in 1952 that the acronym FRAP was born, with the official name changing to "Fabbricazioni Riunite Auto Parti".
Only recently did we want to give a different and more modern meaning to our acronym, transforming it into Fierce, Reliable, Automotive, Parts. We wanted to reaffirm once again, albeit in a different way, our concept of strength and resistance, which characterize the constructive quality of our products that the market has always recognized.

Our customers know us to be truly reliable partners, just like our most prestigious competitors, including those with multi-national facilities.
Consequently, our commitment has always been not to betray what FRAP meant in the minds of our customers in both the O.E.M. and Aftermarket segments: quality and on-time delivery. For this reason, today we have thousands of loyal customers in Italy and worldwide.
1971 – 1st Edition of Automechanika Frankfurt
1962 – Workshop FRAP
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