8 CODES to cover 200 OE STANDARDS

and more than 400 models of automobiles!

Why should you pick it?

  • More resistant.
  • It uses the steering head technology of the tie rods of the anti-roll bar: the steering heads, unlike the tie rods, are safety devices, and are therefore more reliable and last longer. In fact, one steering head is replaced every 10 turns.
  • Universal: 8 codes are sufficient to cover about 220 original standards and fit on more than 400 car models.
  • Speaking codes: AFR tie rods are identified by size, for example AFR code 10-198-258 refers to a 10mm threaded tie rod, adjustable in length from a minimum of 198mm up to a maximum of 258mm.
  • Equipped with two disassembly systems, recessed key and external key, to simplify the work in the workshop.
  • Patent pending: the design has been submitted to the Patent Office.
  • Fast: having the FRAP universal tie rod at your disposal saves you time, avoids time-consuming catalogue searches and guarantees a perfect fit.
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